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This is the parent project for all Java 3DTM -related sub-projects on These sub-projects include: j3d-core (the core 3D API), vecmath (the 3D vector math package), and j3d-core-utils (the 3D core utilities), among others. See the complete list of sub-projects at the left navigation of this page.

Note that there is no source code in this parent project; source code files for the various 3D sub-projects are in the sub-projects themselves.


API Documentation

Click on the desired link below to browse the API documentation for various releases.

Current release:

Previous releases:

Daily & Pre-release builds:

  • Temporarily unavailable


The Java 3D Wiki is a set of collaborative web pages to which members of the Java 3D community can contribute.


Java 3D binary downloads are available on Three types of builds are provided: Release (or FCS) builds; Stable (experimental, early access) builds; and Daily builds.


The source code for the j3d-core-utils and j3d-examples projects is licensed under the open source Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) License.

The source code for the j3d-core and vecmath projects is licensed under the open source GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2, with the CLASSPATH exception. This is the same open-source license that OpenJDK is now using.

Each of the above projects may contains third-party source code that is provided under separate licensing terms. These terms are are found in the THIRDPARTY-LICENSE-*.txt files in the top level-directory of each project. See README-FIRST.txt in each project for more information.

Projects other than the four named above are licensed under terms defined by the particular sub-project.

How to Contribute

We invite developers to contribute to Java 3D. Please refer to the Contributing to Java 3D page to learn how to contribute to any of the Java 3D subprojects. See the JavaDesktop Community Governance Guidelines for general guidelines on participating in JavaDesktop community projects, such as Java 3D.

Reporting Issues

Please use the Issue Tracker in this project to track issues (bugs, feature requests, etc.) for Java 3D-related sub-projects. The following subcomponents exist in the java3d project's Issue Tracker:

  • docs: Issues in Java 3D documentation (e.g., javadoc)
  • j3d-core: Issues in package
  • j3d-core-utils: Issues in com.sun.j3d.* packages
  • j3d-examples: Issues in Java 3D program examples
  • vecmath: Issues in javax.vecmath
  • www: Issues with the web pages

Before filing a new issue, please check to see if your issue has already been reported: search the "summary" fields of open bugs in the Issue Tracker system. If you're new to Issue tracking, you might want to take a moment to browse these introductory docs:

Feedback and Discussion

We have created four Java 3D mailing lists in this project: interest 'at', announce 'at', issues 'at', and commits 'at' (replace 'at' with @). Click here to subscribe to any of these lists (or see navigation on left). The interest list is an open mailing list for discussing all aspects of Java 3D, the reference implementation for the Java 3D core, vecmath, utilities, example programs, etc. The annouce list is a low-volume moderated mailing list for announcing Java 3D-related news and information. The issues list is for automated issues tracking, and the commits list is for automated svn change messages (for changes to the parent java3d web pages only).

For those who prefer a forum to a discussion mailing list, we have created the Java 3D forum, hosted as part of the JavaDesktop Community. Messages posted on the forum are cross-posted to interest 'at' and vice-versa.

Finally, each sub-project has its own commits mailing list. The commits lists are for automated svn change messages and discussion of those changes.

Project Highlights

Release project Source code

The Java 3D source code is available for download from the svn repositories of the j3d-core, j3d-core-utils, and vecmath projects. The trunk of each svn repository is a pre-release version of Java 3D 1.5.3. For a description of the svn tags used in these projects, please refer to "Using svn tags in java3d subprojects".

Java 3D 1.5

The Java 3D 1.5 API is defined by JSR-926, a Maintenance Release under the Java Community Process (JCP). See the Version 1.5 Change Log on the JSR page for a complete list of API changes.

Future Java 3D releases


The j3d-examples project includes a set of simple example programs. The Java 3D Fly Through v 2.0 Beta sample application shows you how to take advantage of the capabilities of Java 3D technology. You can download the source code via

Java 3D Webstart demos are currently offline.


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