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Java 3DTM Commercial License

The source code for Java 3DTM, including the j3d-core and vecmath projects, is licensed for commercial use under a no-fee Java Distribution License (JDL). The JDL allows commercial use of Java 3D and vecmath with or without modification, as long as compatibility with the entire API Specification is maintained. This includes passing the Java 3D Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). The JDL includes a license for the TCK, subject to the specified terms.

To execute the JDL for Java 3D, print, complete, sign, and mail the Java Distribution License (JDL) to:

Java 3D
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Attn: Kevin Rushforth
4220 Network Circle
MS: USCA22-212
Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA

Once we receive and record your signed JDL, we will inform you, and provide you with a copy of the TCK.

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